No Whining 


1 PM and 3 PM Daily Or When Lanes Are Available

Contact AMF Starlite Lanes - 1201 Stardust - Reno, NV

Bowl: 775-747-3522 - Pro Shop: 775-624-0300

Tournament Rules

  • The main tournament is a Handicap Doubles tournament for both men or women. A team can consist of two men, two women, or one man and one women.
  • Women's Handicap will be 90% of 220  with a maximum handicap of 76 pins
  • Men's Handicap will be 80% of 220 with a maximum handicap of 56 pins
  • All participants must have a current USBC Card,
  • The highest USBC Winter League average for the last 2 years will be used
  • This is a USBC Santioned Tournament.

Tournament Format

  • Entry Fee will be $40.00 per person for the No Whining Doubles Handicap Event.
  • Bowlers may alibi (partner) with as many different partners as they choose, but can only cash once with the same partner.  Cost will be $25.00 per bowler per entry.
  • Bowlers will bowl 3 games on 1 pair.

Additional Divisions -  $20 per person (payout ratio 1-8)

No Whining Insurance (Handicap Singles)

Scratch Doubles

Scratch Singles

6 Instant Pay Sidepots - $5.00 per pot

Whiner's Jackpot  A Scratch event that if a bowler shots a 189 or below with 8 strikes they will win the pot

Varipapa 300 Game - Any 12 strikes in a row that spans 2 games breaks the pot

BJs Triple Quad - A bowlers breaks the pot if they strike out in the 9th and 10th frame of all 3 games

99 Pins Over Average - The pot is won when an entrants series is 99 pins over their stated average for 3 games.

Closed 30 - Self explanitory. No opens for 3 games

Dutch 200 - Bowl a dutch, win the pot.

    No Whining Tournaments - Contact: John@NOWHININGDOUBLES.COM